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Rix's Story
Chapter 1:Experiment No.6454
No.6454 woke up he was trembling in fear and thrashing about on the metal table he lay on.
He looked up at the vykers with hatred in his eyes and fear in his heart.
The vykers laughed.
No.6454 scowled.
Jared the vyker began "Experiment No.6454 seems to be..." No.6454 cut him off and took a swing at him.
"Ouch!" Jared screamed!
Jared laughed "Vicious little one we have don't we?!"
Austin laughed and nodded.
They took No.6454 off the metal table and put chains around his arm and leg and began exiting their laboratory.
They began walking... down a hall and dragged No.6454 with them, they then threw  No.6454 in his cell and walked off back to their laboratory laughing hysterically.
Chapter 2:Rix's Purpose
No.6454 stared blankly at his cell wall and sat up, took a long pointy knife like rock, and  thought... he did not like being called No.6454 anymore, he carved the name on the wall, the name he wanted his new name to be... Rix.
"Their!" He thought,now nobody will call me No.6454 anymore!
You see here Rix was a Mudokon, but he was different he was designed as a Mudokon  that could swim under water  and not drown, he could stay under the water as long ah he wanted.
He had gills but he could still breath on land perfectly.
Rix's gills would be useful for carrying messages,goods, and other things in water proof boxes without a boat or ship!
Of course he had a tracking device and a chip in his neck that detected if he tried to make a run for it, it would give a huge shock and he would be paralyzed until someone came to get him.
If he was carrying a box and couldn't use his arms  he could use his legs and feet to swim without any trouble!
At the gruesome factory he lived in, they're was a raider connected to his tracking device that told them if he went off route,died, or lost the package.
Chapter 3:Mud Mills (Part 1)
Rix groaned  and crawled over to a dark corner,hated it here already it smells bad,dirt and blood stains are everywhere and the people are nasty,disgusting,sickos!  Rix started sobbing uncontrollably.
A passing slig saw and began laughing hysterically and pointing at poor Rix.
The slig then unlocked the cell door and pulled him out of his cell.
The slig then dragged him to a room full of water proof boxes with in Mudokon eggs inside them.
The slig then pointed at the  boxes and started "You..." he started "Take these boxes to Mud Mills, and don't give a damn about it!" he scowled hitting Rix with the butt of his gun, the slig then exited the room only looking back to give Rix a scowl.
Rix sighed, he picked up one of the boxes then exited the room.
He scurried out to the door that lead outside, two big bro sligs were guarding it.
The BBS examined Rix, then scowled and said "Come this way Mud!"
The BBS pushed Rix outside slamming the door shut in his face. Rix fell down,the egg box falling with him.
Rix screamed with pain but shook it off, he sighed in relief none of the eggs in the box were broken.
He knew where Mud Mills were so he headed in that direction, the lake.
He then scurried to the lake, climbing in and began swimming...
Chapter 4:Mud Mills (Part 2)
He clutched the box in his arms, kicking his legs faster every second.
Their was a toxic smell to the lake, and the water was slightly green.
"Darn Industrialists!" He thought.
He shook his head in sorrow and kept on swimming, the smell began getting stronger as he swam closer to Mud Mills.
His head began to hurt, his eyes refused to stay open,he couldn't breath, and he fainted.
He dropped the box filled with Mudokon eggs.
The currents pulled him to his destination... Mud Mills.
Chapter 5:Mud Mills (Part 3)
A nearby slig was watching , he quickly got up and ran over to Rix.
The slig kicked  Rix in side with and yelled to Rix "Get up lazy bones!" and continued kicking Rix in the side making a huge cut in Rix's side.
Rix's eyes open slightly so he could only see fuzzy.
He tried getting up but stumbled and his head hit the the ground.
His eyes open a tiny bit more, he could see a little now.
Rix got up after stumbling a few more times and looked at the slig then the sign, Mud Mills.
He gasped coming back to conclusions.
He looked at his hands, he didn't have the Mudokon egg filled box anymore... he sighed, he was in for it now.
Rix looked at the slig and the slig looked at him, the slig broke the silence... Suddenly the slig yelled "ARE YOU THE ONE WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CARRYING THOSE MUD EGGS!!? his voice sounded angry.
Rix nodded.
The slig yelled "WELL THEN WHERE IS IT!!?
Rix pointed at the lake.
The slig chuckled a little and said "Well, then the boss has big plans for you!
Rix didn't like the sound of that.
The slig grabbed Rix's arm and began dragging him into Mud Mills.
Chapter 6:Rix's Fate
The slig pulled him along the hard ground making scratch marks on his skin.
As the went through the building Rix saw cages full of Mudokons, big and small.
He then was dragged into  a room full of buttons and heavy machinery.
The slig picked up his walkie-talkie, he spoke "Boss, No.6454 arrived at Mud Mills with no box filled with Mud eggs!"
The gluckon on the other line spoke "Take him to the "Beating" room then!!!".
The slig  replied "Yes, boss!".
The slig dragged Rix into a room full of Big Bro Sligs.
Then the slig left the room.
All the BBSs  smiled evily and started beating the crap out of poor Rix.
Soon Rix's legs,arms,ribs,splene, and necks were broken.
Blood gushing out of everywhere, his body could take it anymore and he died.
The BBSs laughed evily,their work was done... for now.
The End