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This is where you can find the Sims 2 Cheats/Hints/Secrets/Tips/Boolprop/Glitches.

First of all to get started you need to pres Ctrl+Shift+C at the same time to open the cheat window.
Now we can get started with the cheats!
Note:Any boolProp cheats here can do serious/little/fatal damage to your game! Use at risk, I recommend you don't use boolProp if you don't know what your doing, also the boolProp cheats will have boolProp in the cheats name. Any other cheats in here should be perfectly fine.
exit:closed cheat window
expand:expands or contracts the cheat window
kaching::gets you 1000 simoleons
help-all:the list of cheats
autopatch (on/off):lets you know if their is a patch
moveobjects (on/off):lets you move the objects and delete the objects you were unable to move or delete before
vsync (on/off):Increases game performance but lowers graphics
motherlode:gives you 50,000 simoleons
aging on:turns on the aging (Sims begin to age again)
aging off:turns aging off (stops aging)
StretchSkeleton:makes your Sim smaller or larger
unlockcareerrewards:unlocks career awards
familyfunds (Family's last name) XXXX:Alots any amount of money you desire to any sim family (remove parenthesis in the family's last name and replace the XXXX's with any amount you want)
maxMotives:maxes out your sims motives
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false:You can place objects outside the grid of the lot
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads (True/False):set to false to remove the roads from the neighborhood
pregnant sims:When your sim is pregnant hunger,comfort,energy, and bladder will go down much quicker then usual. Don't panic! Your game is not glitched.  You just need to make sure they get a lot of sleep,eat a lot,go to the bathroom, and sit down on a couch or chair.
How do you know when you sim is pregnant?:If you do try for baby and it is succesfull you will hear a lullaby sound. Congratulations!
Your sim is pregnant,if you miss that sound because you were away from the PC/Mac/Laptop for second some signs of pregnancy is your sim barfing in/on the toilet/floor and a thought bubble hovering above your sims head that has a  pacifier and a question mark next to it.
None so far
Veronaville movie duplication:If you change the basic "Veronaville"  into something like Ding dong City (The name doesn't really matter) and make a new neighborhood called "Veronaville" when you go into it you will get a mini movie of the old "Veronaville".
Enjoy the Cheats/Hints/Secrets/Tips/Boolprop/Glitches!