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A Introduction Guide to Tamagotchi


Welcome, to A Introduction Guide to Tamagotchi if your new to the Tamagotchi, and want to learn about the it you should read this!




Question:What does V stand for?

Answer:V stands for Version

The versions are the ones you can find most often at stores or internet shopping.

Question:What company sells Tamagotchi?


Question:Who invented Tamagotchi?

Answer:Aki Maita, she is female by the way. She was the one who first came with Tamgotchi, she states that Digimon is "more specifically aimed at boys" because "boys like to fight"and that "Tamagotchi was aimed at everyone, but maybe more girls liked it "She does back up her asserttion about girls preferring Tamagotchi by saying that BanDai marketResearch show that 60% of Tamagotchi sales were to girls. She is japenese and live in Japan. She is the one who made Tamagotchi so huge, she was basically the inventor of all Tamagotchi. She now work with BanDai.

Question:Where can you buy Tamagotchi?

Answer:Many places, the place I recomend are Amazon, and Ebay



Question:What are Tamagotchi and what is the story of Tamagotchi?

Answer:Tamagotchi are.... Tamagotchi is a tiny pet from cyberspace who needs your love to survive and grow. If you take good care of your Tamagotchi pet, it will slowly grow bigger, healthier, and more beautiful every day. Bit if you neglect your little cyber creature, your Tamagotchi may grow up to be mean or ugly. How old will your Tamagotchi be when it returns to its home planet? What kind of virtual caretaker will you be?" - BanDai:

The Tamagotchi story is... The Japanese story:They are little alien creatures from Planet Tamagotchi, who crash landed on earth, and The Professor and his assistant Mikachu found them. The Professor built them little egg shaped protection cases so they could survive on earth, then Mikachu painted some, took them to school and started the Tamagotchi craze..., Mikachu is female, and the Proffessor is male.

Question:How many types of Tamagotchi are their?

Answer:I don't know, too many... but you can never have enough Tamagotchi!

Question:What does the word Tamagotchi mean?

Answer:It means loveable egg.


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